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We’re racists because we seek equality

September 15, 2009

I’m struck by an interesting post by Dafydd Ab Hugh (although spelling his name has worn me out) at HotAir’s Green Room forum.  Here’s the money quote, about two-thirds in:

“Democrats cry racism when Republicans don’t extend affirmative action to Barack Obama [bold in original]; when we don’t treat him as different and special — when we don’t give him extra deference not extended to George W. Bush (or even to Bill Clinton) — when we don’t cut Obama more slack. That is, when we don’t devote our political capital to helping Obama succeed in all his leftist policies, regardless of whether we as individuals support them (unimportant), that itself constitutes racism.”

Read the entire piece to see how he develops this theory; he’s won me over.  Beyond reasons of insanity, Liberals’ cries of racism were inexplicable to me.  Now I understand.   According to Ab Hugh, “equity individualism” is what I expect.  (And I happen to be in great company.)  Liberals look for “diversity discrimination,” which is another term, I say, for special treatment.  Although I find this Liberal line of thinking  incredibly damaging to society, government and, especially, minorities, I can’t actually call it insane.

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